Saw my mom and dad sleeping in the bed.

May 14, 2011

ok so I’ve never really had any experiences in my house but my other family members have.

One time, my sister was taking a shower in my parents’ bathroom which is upstairs and when she was done, she walked through my parents bedroom to go back downstairs and saw my mom and dad sleeping in the bed.

Right when she got downstairs she went into the kitchen and she saw that my mom was there and was like WTF? so she ran back upstairs to see if anyone was on the bed next to my dad and noone was there 😦

I thought maybe she imagined it or something but she said that she definitely saw a woman with dark hair that she thought was my mom sleeping really close to my dad, with her face like right next to his.

One of my other sisters has also seen a woman with dark hair in a black dress in my parents bedroom before.

Another time my dad was exercising on the elliptical machine in our basement and he saw a woman walk through the closet doors and take three steps into the middle of the room before disappearing.

I’ve yet to see this woman but I’m now scared as fuck to go into my parents bedroom or the basement alone.

– Posted by hydeing; ONTD


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