Poop Balls

May 14, 2011

Several years ago, I worked as a manager in a nursing home. We had resident paired up as room mates in rooms. There was this one little old lady who was absolutely EVIL. She offered poop balls to surveyers as chocolates, she hit and scratched the staff routinely and she complained about her care constantly. This lady was just as bad as they come. Her roommate, on the otherhand was just as sweet as sweet could be. Well one morning her roommate started screaming hysterically, “Not me, not me! It’s not MY time, you don’t want ME!!! NO, NO, NO!!!!” We went into her room to find out what was going on, only to find the mean little old lady dying in the bed beside her. When we asked the mean little old lady’s roommate what happened, why she was screaming, she said she saw demons taking the crazy mean little old lady away, and they tried to take her. Fast forward one month later… The sweet little old lady roommate died just as peacefully as could be. CRAZY!

– Posted by cpillow; Allnurses

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