May 14, 2011

MINE: my friend courtney’s house is hella god damn haunted bc her family runs an adult family home (basically a retirement home except run by a family so it’s more personal etc. etc.) so people have been dying in that place with regularity for three decades or so now. her basement has this hallway that’s pretty much all floor-to-ceiling mirrors (mirrored closet doors) and is really well lit so it’s the best place to do your hair and makeup when you’re getting ready to go out. i was at her house once when she wasn’t home but she’d called me to tell me she was on her way back and i should get ready ’cause we were gonna go pick up our friends. i was in the hallway doing my makeup and when i turned around to put my eyeliner back in my makeup bag i saw this little boy in the mirror just like CHILLIN watching me do my makeup like he was my little brother or something, with this really weird innocent-looking interest in what i was doing. i jumped like a fucking foot and screamed and he mouthed “sorry” and i closed my eyes and when i opened them he was gone. i kind felt bad because i think i upset him. he didn’t scare me he just startled the fuck out of me.

– Posted by matchboxer; ONTD


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