I’ve never in my life believed in ghosts.

May 14, 2011
The following is 100% true, none of it is embellished for Halloween.

I’ve never in my life believed in ghosts. I’ve always believed they were the result of an active imagination.
Then, I moved into a new home. The house is only 15 years old. We’ve lived here for about 4 years now.

One day I ran into the old owners at the store, the wife suddenly said to me, have you had anything unusual happen… her husband cut her off preventing her from finishing the question.

Immediately upon moving in, we began to hear strange noises and birds would crash into the windows constantly. I’m talking 10 per day or more. No big deal, these things happen.

Then the cats would not go into the upstairs bathroom. They would stand at the door and look in as if they were looking at something but would not go into the space. No big deal.

One day, I was walking down the hallway and the closet door opened in front of me as if someone pulled it open. As I passed it, I pushed it shut and the door wouldn’t move. I put at least 20+ pounds of pressure on the door to close it, no deal. I then looked in the closet thinking something fell against the door and into the hinge, preventing it from closing. There was nothing there. I then closed the door with my finger tips with an ounce or two of pressure. Hmmmm…

Another time, I was laying on the bed with my wife and we were watching TV. Suddenly it was as if someone dropped a bowling ball on the bed. It shook like a large dog jumped up on to it. We looked at each other and said in unison, what was that? It’s happened twice since. Ok, that’s odd.

Another time, I was in the dressing room getting dressed my cat was at my feet. I was maybe two feet from the door and facing it while I was putting on a sock. The door knob turned and the door swung open very quickly and stopped as if someone was coming in. I thought it was my wife for a second but, no one was there. The cat bolted from the room through the other door as if its tail was on fire.
Ok, this made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

Some time later, my wife was getting dressed in the same spot and I walked up to the open door and she looked at me with a startled look. She said, didn’t you just past through here? I had my back turned and could have sworn you walked by and touched my butt… Nope, wasn’t me…

I was brushing my teeth and I saw a large shadow pass behind me and into the bathroom. Then another time, as I brushed my teeth at the same sink, something tapped on my right shoulder. This is just two feet outside the bathroom door (the one the cats won’t go into). Our dressing room has two sinks. This bothered me.

Once while my wife and I were eating dinner, suddenly we heard water running. We both turned and looked at the sink and the kitchen faucet was turned on full force. This has happed to every faucet in the house at least once. All the faucets are different makes and models. The house has a new well pump and pressure tank which keeps the pressure very constant. I have also heard the toilet flush when only I was at home and in another part of the house. This creeped us both out.

While working in the flower bed behind the house, there was a large stone. I decided to move it so I tipped it up on edge and dragged it a couple feet. When I flopped it back down it was upside down from it’s original position. On the stone are very old hand carved letters. The font style is similar to carvings I’ve seen that are a hundred or so years old. It appears to be an old grave marker…

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