I’m A Doctor, I’ll Help You

May 14, 2011

When I was an EMT in a small town, a fellow EMT had something interesting happen to her.

My friend was called out on a freeway auto accident involving several unstable victims. This was her very first call out, and she was really nervous. She was trying to stabilize one victim, and her hands were shaking so hard she could barely function. She panicked and was afraid she was going to have to step back and let someone else take care of the victim because she felt so upset and overwhelmed. At this point, a man came up to her and said “I’m a doctor. I’ll help you.” It’s not unusual to have people stop along the freeway and try to help out or gawk at an accident, but this one happened really early in the morning on a stretch of freeway that has few cars on it, especially at that time. The only vehicles there were the ambulance, a state patrol unit, and the car that flipped. Anyway, she accepted his help, and together they put the victim on the backboard and got him ready for transport. When they were finished he said “I’m going to help them” and pointed at another EMT who was with another victim. She nodded and said ‘thanks.’ She saw him walk over and kneel beside the victim, waiting to see if the EMT needed help. She turned back to the patient she was working on, and he needed an airway device, so she quickly turned to call to the EMT that the doctor had just gone to help. The doctor wasn’t there, so she figured he’d left the scene.

The patients were all very unstable, and we were 50 miles from the nearest hospital, so the life flight helicopter had been called to transport the victims to the hospital. After the victims were loaded and gone, my friend turned to the other EMT she’d been working with and said “Wasn’t that great to have help from that doctor?” The EMT looked at her with a puzzled look and said “What doctor? There wasn’t anybody else at the scene except us and the cop.” My friend said “He helped me, then I saw him walk over to you and kneel by you and the guy you were working on.” The EMT just looked at her strangely. “No one helped me out.” He said. She went up to the state patrol cop who had been directing traffic and said “Did you see the tall guy who stopped to help us?” The state patrol guy gave her the same look the EMT had and said “About two cars went by while you guys were working, and no one stopped.”

To this day my friend is convinced that she was helped by an angel.

– Posted by tencat; Allnurses


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