I Told You Something Was Up There

May 14, 2011

My dealings with the creepy:

My brother texted me and asked me to come onto the video chat. With the time difference, it was 7 AM for me and 23:30 for him. He was home alone, and kept hearing noises in the room above the computer room (where he was). We chat for about an hour. My parents come home, and write off the noise as his imagination. So I’m chatting with both of them, when they both go silent at the same time. They went so still I thought the computer had froze, then they look up towards the ceiling. I asked what was going on, and my mother said she my brother is moving around in the room above. I can hear some scraping and banging. My brother than comes into view behind them and goes “I’m down here. I told you something was up there.” Never found out what it was.

I’ve been chased from the basement all the way up to the third floor of my house by a shadow that magically disappeared when I got to my parents’ room.

My brother was going up the stairs to his room, when all of sudden his body hits the wood floor below. I was sitting in the living room and saw him knocked out on the ground. There was a pool of blood around his nose, and it took him a few seconds to come to. First thing out of his mouth was “it pushed me, it fucking pushed me!” I always hold onto the banister whenever I go up or down the stairs now.

When I tell the spirits/ghosts/demons/what have you to go away, they normally leave us alone. Sometimes I do hear some moving around, and my bird will freak out and flap at air. But nothing physical has happened in a long time.

– Posted by envyisbaggage; ONTDCreepy


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