I began talking to the whatever it was.

May 14, 2011
My stories do not take place in a hospital but…………..

When I was a little girl my bedroom was always very cold no matter what the thermostat for the house was set at. Our house was a new construction, in other words our family was the first to inhabit our home. I recall so clearly as I was growing up that I always felt as though I was not alone. So much so that I began talking to the whatever it was. At times I would feel something brush by my arm, but of course there was nothing/no one there. I never told a soul. I just dealt with it. Well now to fast forward to many many years later my best friend had some friends over her house to hang out. One of the guests claimed to be psychic and said she would do complimentary readings for everyone. Well, when I sat down and did the card thing she required she looked me in the eyes and said, “You must stop speaking to the spirits in your bedroom” I freaked out. I was embarassed and crying and Scared. Like I said, I had never told anyone, including my best friend. The psychic said that they were not necessarily bad spirits but that I should not encourage. SHe advised me to go home and rebuke the spirits from my room or something like that. I did do what she advised. Not long after that I moved out of my parents house and got my own place 2500 miles away. LOL

Next story…………I was about 9 years old and was attending my Uncles wake. While sitting there staring at him, I totally saw him get up out of the casket. I screamed. Of course everyone said it was my imagination but I know differently, especially after reading all these awesome posts.

Thanks for the opportunity to share!!!
Florida RN

– Posted by mdrkan; Allnurses

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