He asked her why she didn’t see all those people standing around talking

May 14, 2011

I work labor and delivery. We have a separate unit for antepartum. This unit used to be the old ICU, years and years ago. I’ve seen tons of things out of the corner of my eye, but when you try to look staight at them they are gone.

The 1st thing I saw- At one point the NICU was overcrowded and was using our old nursery as a step-down unit. I was floated over there for the night. I was alone at one point when the other nurse took a dinner break. We have automatic doors that are pretty loud when they open and I had never before and never since seen them open on their own. Anyway, I was feeding a baby with my back to the door. I heard it open and all i could do was glance over my shoulder and say, “I’m almost done here, I’ll be w/ you in a minute”. I saw a man standing there in a long brown coat. I know he was looking right at me. I was all of 2 minutes putting the baby back to bed. The doors never opened again. I turned around a there was no one there. I immediately called the other nurse and told her she needed to come back. It was the longest 5 or 10 minutes of my life waiting for her to come back.

2nd- Not long after that I was working on the antepartum unit. I had heard several stories of a young girl with long blond hair on the unit that several had seen. I saw a girl walk into the patient kitchen. She was wearing a hospital gown, but it was all white, ours are white with blue flowers or pink. She was young and had long straight blond hair. I knew she wasn’t one of out patients. I sat there and waited a while to see her come out and ask her if I could get her anything. She never came out. Another nurse saw me sitting and staring at the kitchen. She laughed at me and went into the kitchen. Nope, nobody in there. Hmmmm…

3rd- I had also heard that room 434 was haunted. All the older nurses had a story about that room. All within a few weeks of each other 3 of us had our stories. One nurse told me she had a pt next door who called her to the room and asked her to tell the people next door to please quit slamming the dresser drawers. She said everytime they slammed it they would ram the dresser into her wall and she couldn’t sleep. You guessed it, no pt in that room. Another nurse had a pt in room 434 and said that the pt called her to the room. She asked if the nurse had been in there at all recently. The nurse said “no, why?”. She said she was sleeping and heard her toilet flush and the sink come on. She got up to check out the bathroom and found no one, so she used it herself (mistake). She said while she was in there she heard someone come into her door and move furniture in her room (the rooms are really small, so usually you have to move things to get to the dresser or computer). There were only 2 nurses on that unit that night and neither had been in there. We moved that pt’s room that night. Lastly, I had a pt that was in 434 and went to the other side for delivery. We then moved her back for bed control. She requested a different room. She said right before she went into labor her 3 y/o son told her that he hated her room b/c it was too noisy. She asked him what he meant and he asked her why she didn’t see all those people standing around talking. She also said that close to that time she had her blinds turned one direction and noticed they were opposite. She put them back the way she had them to keep the light out and looked a little later and they were opposite again. We let her pick a new room.

Ahhhh….There are so many more. I hate working that unit alone. I’ve had call lights go on and off, TV’s turn on right in front of me…….One time I heard a TV on in the breast pump room (for employees). It was really loud and I went to ask them to turn it down. I heard the channels changing as I walked towards the room, the volume was on full blast. As I knocked on the door the TV turned off. I went back and got the key to the room and it was dark, no one in there at all. I screamed my way all the way back to the desk….

– Posted by kastas; Allnurses


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