Exorcism Performed By A Ghost

May 14, 2011

So when I was little I used to talk about the man who would watch me. My mom just always thought it was an imaginary friend but apparently it got to the point where I was afraid of him and would freak out and start crying. After a while he went away, so I guess I just forgot about it, but then when I was like 18 I started to wake up in the middle of the night and see a guy standing outside my bedroom and would freak out. One day I’m in the computer room and telling my mom I’m legit freaked out and don’t want to sleep in my room anymore and the room just fills up with the smell of my great-grandmother’s perfume. We’re both like WTF. Our front door UNLOCKS, my dog starts freaking out because it opens, the door closes by itself, and then RELOCKS. I swear on my life I’m not making this up bbz and I wasn’t high. And that was the last day anyone saw the creeper in my house (turns out he had died here). So my mom likes to joke that we’ve had an exorcism preformed by a ghost.

– Posted by Unknown ; ONTD


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