Every bible page with the name John had been folded in the corner.

May 14, 2011

This is 100% real and freaks me out every time I think about it.

Around 9 years ago, when I was 12, a close family friend had been away for the weekend, and while she had been away she had played with an Ouija bored with a few friends and her mum (btw she was around 36 and had two children one about 6 and another 11 years old)
She’s says nothing really happened, apart from when it got to her turn to ask a question the glass they was using tipped over. But she thought nothing of it, thinking it was one of her friends. When she arrived back home, the dog didn’t welcome her, Sarah said the dog was the first to notice something was different; she’d be in bed at night and hear him downstairs growling. He randomly stopped and stared in directions, and for 2 weeks he wouldn’t go in the kitchen. (it’s easier if I just list all the shit that happened because this would take all days to write if I didn’t)
– She’d come down first thing in the morning before the kids where up to find pins scattered all over the floor. It go to a point where she stopped buying them, but it still happened.
– She’d find knifes pointing up on cups she was about to make tea in.
– Her boyfriend at the time constantly complained of things going missing and the sensation of being flicked.
– Just before Christmas, she brought a large tin of chocolates, came down in the morning to find them rubbed into the carpet, she could have blamed the kids but they where away at their dads.
– One day my mum was there dying her hair, my mum started shouting at her for something, and the hairdryer flew off the table and nearly hit my mum in the face.

I was so fascinated, but didn’t dare go round for months, one day I went and the youngest boy was there.
She Said he had started to talk to someone and she was worried.
I asked him to draw his friend. I’m telling you it was the scariest damn crayon drawing I had ever seen. A bearded man with a cane, and a little boy, I ask if that was him, he said no, that’s the little boy who used to live here – I swear down I’m not shitting you, those where his words, I showed his mum she looked even more terrified.
I think It go to a point where she wanted to know more about it.
She got 30 something bibles and but them all over her room and filmed herself sleeping.
In the morning, there wasn’t nothing on the tape, but all the bibles had been stacked at the bottom of the stairs, and in every bible a page with the name john had been folded in the corner.
She had a medium come round he came in the house looked at her and told her he couldn’t help, and that his spirit was attached to her, it wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad either, and that the little boy had nothing to do with john, that the boy had died 40years before from meningitis in the house.

The eldest lad is now 20 I think, last year her was taking some washing upstairs opened his mum bedroom door and saw an old man standing there, a clear as day, and then it just disappeared….i think he pissed himself, and what kind of 20yr would admit that.

there hasn’t been much activity for a while, she say it comes in waves.

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