May 14, 2011

There’s also a little girl ghost in my house. My great-aunt used to talk about this little girl who lived in the house before us and how her family had been driving down the shore and their car got stuck on the train tracks and they all died. The little girls name was Emma. Well, when my brother was learning to talk, Emma was his first word, and he would scream it and be like “PLAY WIFF EMMA!”. My mom and dad just thought he was saying my name wrong (but LOL they aren’t even alike so whatever). Then when my baby cousin used to come around a lot she would do the same thing. Like she’d roll a ball at no one and the ball would roll back to her. We’ll hear like a little girls laughter sometimes. My brother has seen her and says it just looks like a little girl in period dress (from the early 1920’s or so). After my great-aunt died we were cleaning out her house and found all these old sketch pads from her son who had been admitted to psychiatric places for various different things – sure enough there were pictures of the little girl that he drew.

– Posted by 4815162342x; ONTDCreepy


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