Dug Up a Live Dog

May 14, 2011

Humm, the creepiest things I’ve ever heard have come from my mom’s side of the family who all live in the same city. There’s a shitload of them too:

– My aunts old home has the black shadow in the kitchen. I’ve seen it too, like you’re walking through at night, and you know how even when it’s dark, with window light, ambient light, you can always see a little in front of you? You’ll see in front of you, then it’ll go entirely black and you can’t see. At all. It also will drag the chairs from the dining room into the adjacent kitchen. She had to move because of it.

-My great-aunt’s house was haunted like crazy, everyone who ever stayed there had something horrible happen. Like people on the roof screaming, Christian/Catholic objects being destroyed, banging, black flies, seeing people, and the worst, at one point someone told them there was money buried and digging it up would fix it. They hired some men, and the dug up a dog 10ft down. Not a dead dog, a live, snarling, growling black dog. They all quit after that. She sold that home, but when the new owners tried to move in, they couldn’t unlock the doors. When they drove by years later, there were two men in suits out front smiling. Just standing there, smiling. The only thing they did was wave at my family when they drove past.

-My grandfather’s house has an weird imp/little person thing with a massive head. Everyone’s seen that too, and dogs know it too. It also moves things. That came about fairly recently though, only about the past 5 years, but he doesn’t want to move. Before that development, there are these lights that you’ll see in the corner of one of the bedrooms. My cousin and I slept in there and something kicked me. I had a MASSIVE bruise on my leg. I slept in the living room after that.

-Lastly, my cousin’s apartment is in this old area of their town, and she and her bf got a dog. Everywhere except their bedroom has something in it. The dog won’t even go into the kitchen alone, he’ll try to leave the bedroom, they’ll hear him bark/growl, then he runs back in. They’re not financially able to move, and they’re living in that one room.

My family has shit luck when it comes to paranormal things, but I think it’s heavily related to them/where they live. My mom claims something is in our current home, but neither my brother or I have experienced anything. It’s like it knows she’s from that town, but that we’re not. At least I hope so, because I don’t want any of that following me.

– Posted by stellarlullaby; ONTD


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