Doorknob jiggled furiously

May 14, 2011

I used to live in this little townhouse downtown with a few friends of mine. They were a married couple, and though they loved the townhouse itself, they had to sell it because of all the strange stuff that kept on happening there.

As we would pull up in the driveway, it was not uncommon for my bedroom light to be on all by itself, but turn itself off as we would be walking up to the house.

Sinks would turn themselves on and off. When we would hear water running somewhere, and would check it out, the water would stop running as we approached it, but the sink would still be wet.

Since we lived downtown in kinda’ a bad neighborhood, my roommates kept a little 22 Baretta next to their bed in a locked case. There was a little alarm that hung from the doorknob, sensitive to movement, along with a very bright, very sensitive motion crime light outside (a cat walking past could set this thing off). My roommate and I were having a girl’s night, and the door alarm went off. There had been several break-ins and rapes reported in the area, so we carefully headed downstairs with the gun, just in case. We turned off the motion alarm, and watched in shock as the doorknob jiggled furiously, as though someone was trying really hard to turn the knob. The crime light did not come on, and as we peeked out the window, we saw that no one was standing at our door. However, the doorknob kept jiggling. Craziest shiat I’ve seen in my life, and I still shake a little when I think about it. We left out the back door, and did not come home for about four hours, until her husband got off work.

There were also times when we would hear footsteps upstairs when no one was there, and when the toilet would flush itself. All kinds of strange phoenomina, like we would often times come into a room and find things moved around from where they were left, like, candlesticks moved from the coffee table to the bookshelves, etc. However, we never actually caught stuff moving. I can’t say whether or not I completely belive in ghosts, since I haven’t actually seen a spectre with my own eyes. However, from what I’ve experienced, there’s certainly something going on that regular science hasn’t explained yet.

– Posted by Dalisca; Fark


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  1. I also experienced a door knob jiggling (front door) – no one was there & no footprints in the snow. My cat just stared at the door knob when normally she heads upstairs if someone is at the door. This happened on the 10th anniversary of my Dad’s passing. My brother said it sounded like someone was at his front door too. Also, without me mentioning my experience my son told me he hears jiggling door knobs where he lives. Needless to say, i believe it’s my Dad saying hello.

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