All the family would be together soon for something

May 14, 2011

My mom on the other hand said that she saw death… not really sure what she meant by it, but we were all at the hospital and she had been getting surgery, and she was there for a week, and said that death told her that it would be back latter…
latter came about a week latter, she had another surgery, and she came out ok.. but on her way upstairs… she passed away, my family was already waiting for her in the upstairs room, when the police officer told them to go back downstairs, that she had just passed. it happened in a matter of 2 minutes.

sorry to make such a long post, but i guess it just on how the person will go. My cousin before he was murdered.. mentioned to his mother that he knew, all the family would be together soon for something.. it’s like he had a premonition, however chosed not to tell my aunt that he would be shot.. again it happened about a week before actually passing away…

it’s like tying up things in the last few days, to get out what needs to be said.

– Posted by mochomito; Allnurses


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