About a week after she passed away I saw her.

May 14, 2011

When I first started working as an LPN I worked the night shift at a LTC facility. There was a young woman I cared for who was in the end stages of MS. She was basically in a vegetative state. About a week after she passed away I saw her. She was wearing a pink, silk nightgown. Her posture was erect, arms hanging straight at her side. Her hair looked so soft and shiny. Her complexion so clear and glowing. I saw her walk right past me. It was the most wonderful experience…to see her healthy and whole again. It wasn’t at all scary, and to this day brings tears to my eyes to think how beautiful and peaceful she looked. I have debated about whether to tell her mother, who occasionally still visits other residents, about what I witnessed. I wouldn’t want her to think I was some kind of nut.

Many other strange things would go on at night. Call lights would go off in empty rooms. We would hear doors opening and closing. And one night while sitting in the breakroom, there was a knocking sound on the wall…and on the other side of the wall was an office that was locked!!

Working the night shift definitely made me a believer!!

– Posted by dawnb70; Allnurses


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