The Dead Fleet

May 13, 2011

Several years ago, I landed a gig aboard the Golden Hinde, a replica of Sir Fancis Drake’s flagship that he used to circumnavigate the Earth from 1577-1580. (See it at http://www.goldenhinde.co.uk). Anyway, one day we were making our way along the Eastern seaboard, and passed what the Captain referred to as “the Dead Fleet”, rows upon rows of WWII ships mothballed and moored together. That was creepy enough, but as dusk approached, I and a number of other crew in the Great Cabin heard the ship’s bell call All Hands. We immediately jumped up and ran for the deck; when we got there, the First Mate just looked at us.

“What?” he said.

“We heard the bell,” we said.

“No one rang the bell.” he said. “The clapper’s in the Captain’s trunk.”

We got the key and opened it. Sure enough, that’s where it was.

Now, obviously, anything could have been used to ring the bell, but everyone abovedecks insisted that no one had struck it, and certainly not in the “All Hands” signal.

I don’t believe in the supernatural, but it was still a damned odd thing

– Posted by buckler; Fark

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