The Blond Of The Third

May 13, 2011

I believe this must come too late. Provably not important by itself, but necessary to hold on my connection to allnurses.com, so I give you this.

I’ve been working in two huge hospitals, three clinics, and an ambulance system as paramedic as well. I heard ghost-stories everywhere. Anyway I guess the most relevant are the latest ones. We have a ghost on our third flour called “the blond of the third” she used to dress herself as a nurse and perform nursing duties.

The most relevant aspect of “the blond” is that no nurse or doctor has ever seen her but our patients. Generally, they use to say something like: “The blond nurse has told me…” or “few minutes ago a blond nurse gave me my medication”.

Some related that she has no legs, I mean; she floats on the air and so on.
I don’t know what you would think about it.
Anyone of us did pay much attention to it. No one got in panic. Just heard the repeated stories from our patients one and another time without adding much anxiety.

These things might happen, specially where people die every day. It means nothing anyway. Just a tale to tell. Nothing will change our reality, our daily affairs. Our miseries.

We joke about it but don’t pay to that much credit. We’re nurses, busy and tired to give such things much energy.

– Posted by vemiliob; Allnurses


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