Test Pilot

May 13, 2011

This isn’t hospital related (I just graduated and I hope I don’t run into any ghosts too soon…I have enough to worry about already!), but it is a ghost story. Actually, it’s a story that happened to my best friend several years ago. About 14 years ago her hubby was worked for the air force and they were stationed at Edwards Air Force Base (where the shuttle lands). Anyway, her Mom had come out to visit and they were driving off of the base pretty late at night. Well, according to her, at Edwards in order to get off the base you have to drive for miles and miles through the desert and it is, of course, very very dark at night. So, they’re driving through the desert she and her Mom and her son is in the back of the car when her headlights light up a guy walking on the side of the road way up ahead. He’s got on a flight suit and he’s carrying his helmet in his hand down next to his body. When they’re getting closer to him, her Mom turned to her and suggested that maybe they should pick him up. My friend agreed and when they both brought their eyes back to the road he had vanished. She said it was the weirdest thing that has ever happened to her. They both just kind of looked at each other with shocked faces. The thing about Edwards AFB is that they do a lot of test piloting for planes out there and several planes have gone down in the desert killing men over the years. Anyway, that’s just another story to scare you before you go to bed tonight.

– Posted by cloudydrms; Allnurses


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