Not Santa

May 13, 2011

I was 19, just played with a oujia board for the first time a week or two before….it was just a toy.

I called an ex-girlfriend over to my “apartment”…(above the garage on my parents farm)….There wasn’t a k-mart nearby to buy the toy from, so I made my own….because “homemade boards are a better medium”, and I tell her it’s “just a toy.”

First attempt. We toss a book over the shoulder and ask what page lands open….the board got it right.
My friend Jenny asks if she knows anyone on “the other side”, sure enough, her “suicidal uncle” provides a few precious details to scare us both.
I proceed to tell Jenny that “this is just a toy”, and “Parker Brothers”. makes them….”it’s just a toy.”
After a short break, we continue….(mid october, 1am, in the middle of nowhere)
I ask the “spirit” who we are talking to….”S-A-T-A” and I panic and throw the board in the air. “Not Santa”., I say and we take another smoke break….
One last try…..”who are you?” S-A-T-A-R.
“We don’t want to talk anymore, goodbye.”
“We have to go”
NO. U are Wrong.
“Who is wrong? Jenny?”
“What is Jenny wrong about, her boyfriend?”
U are Wrong.

Ever had that close-call, adrenaline-rush up the spine? I grabbed her arm and we left the apartment in a flash. It took us both about an hour to calm down. We went back up with dog, and a 12 gauge. Just to get the board out of there. We drove 20 miles to dump the board, and 10 more to dump the planchette. Jenny and I don’t talk much anymore……

/Never slept in that “apartment” after that….parents still live there, and I won’t go up there unarmed after dark.
//Never touched a oujia board since.

– Posted by farkerintx; Fark


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