My mind instantly said “Damn, it can’t be.”

May 13, 2011

Another story shared with me………..
I used to be an engineer/maintenance man at a private hospital outside Eastern New Orleans. Once, when I was on an evening shift, I was walking toward the PICU, and I was approaching the passenger elevators, when an older woman & her preteen daughter of maybe 10 years old were getting off the elevator in somewhat of a hurry. She approached me, and asked me if there were any accidents or incidents of possible violent death with anyone employed there. I had to think on it for a second, because I knew one story, but I wanted to know why she asked before I told her. She said her daughter saw a black male wearing a plaid shirt with jeans and work boots, but he appeared to be transparent. My mind instantly said “Damn, it can’t be.” She also informed me that her daughter had an unusual talent for seeing spirits.
Thats when I told her about “Reggie” or “Larry”,the name has been disputed over the years, falling to his death down the elevator shaft while the hospital was under construction. I didn’t know him, but several other people including doctors,RN’s, and fellow co workers have reported catching glimpses of him jumping into the elevator doors or hiding behind dark corners. Her story creeped me out because no one had ever actually described him before. We only knew he was a black man who died during construction. Also of note, he is famous for sending the elevator to a roof, which is only accessible by using a key. The happened to me personally a couple of times. I would always yell out,” Hey Buddy, chill out!!”, and the elevator would leave that floor on it’s own an take you to basement level.

Another one tells of the mysterious black shape moving through the Day Surgery Unit an scaring the hell out of several housekeepers so bad, that they wouldn’t set foot in it to clean it unless I or someone else was with them. I never experienced that one, but I believe them.

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