Like Drowning

May 13, 2011

some of the st louis farkers might know ALton, IL. Its possbily the most haunted place on earth. I used to work for the phone company…I was traing a new guy when we went to this weird old hotel(now its a antique mall) in the basement there is an old pool..well..when me and Chuck got to the basement, I saw these 2 red lights ..I figured it was a water alarm or something..aand got to work…well I was talking to Chuck..and said..Chuck what you think those red lights are…..and went back to work…I was alomost done..and then looked again..and the lights got closer to the side of the pool..I said..chuck..hand me that screwdriver..but chuck wasnt there..then I hear this thump thump thump….it was chuck running away..I looked at the pool..and the red lights looked like eyes…and this thing had a green face..(my skin is crawling as I type this) about that time, I slammed the box door and beat feet up the steps…I think I made 30 feet in 4 steps and then after I asked chuck why in the h@ll he left me alone with the monster…and he said the eyes looked at him and it felt like he was drowning….I then thrashed him with my hat for leaving me…..well…I’m again creeped out..

– Posted by Gunrunnercorp; Fark


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