He Just Wasn’t Real

May 13, 2011

The couple across the street from my parents used to live in an old farmhouse which they were restoring. She’s an artist. One Christmas Eve, with a number of family visiting, they woke to hear their 4-y.o. granddaughter crying downstairs. She said ‘That man, he just wasn’t real’. Assuming she was just dreaming, they forgot about it and went on with life.

The following year, the family ws visiting again, and the bulk of them went off to midnight mass, but our neighbor woman stayed home because she felt sick. She was sleeping on the couch and woke up to a very cold wind – the kitchen door to the outside was open – odd because it was too low to go over the carpet. She thought someone may have broken in so she searched the house, but found nothing, so she went back to sleep.

Shortly after, she woke with a start to find an old man standing in front of her. She says she knew immediately it was a ghost. ‘Do you like what we’re doing with your house?’ The ‘ghost’ nodded yes and smiled, then vanished. *That’s* when she freaked out. The family returned, and she told them her story. Mostly they figured she was sick and/or dreaming, and that explained that – but an old lamp which had never worked suddenly lit up as she told the story.

She then drew a picture of the gentleman she had ‘seen’. Later that week they went to the local historical society to research the original owner of the place. They found his picture and it matched her drawing. He had died on Christmas Eve in that house.

– Posted by Avebury; Fark


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