Everytime He Closed His Eyes

May 13, 2011

We had a patient just the other last night. She had had severe abdominal pain all day, but it had stopped. She wasn’t doing well though. Her sats had dropped, she’d only put out 10cc of urine in the past 8h, her BP was dropping rapidly, her extremeties were mottled, and she was getting more confused. She had an odd look in her eyes. They were half rolled back and her eyelids here half shut, but at the same time her eyes seemed to be popping out of her head. She kept asking “Is someone’s at the door? Dear, go get the door, there’s someone there.” that then became “Who’s that on the ceiling?” The consensus among the nurses was that angels were coming to pick her up. The doc’s decided to start fluid recessitating her, and starting epi IV. She stopped talking shortly after this point. Finally, they decided to CT her, and her POA decided that all tx should be stopped because her bowels had perfed, and it was her time. We just made her comfortable and took turns holding her and telling her to rest, and close her eye and relax. I swear her breathing eased when I said a little prayer for her. She died just after I left.

So…this got my preceptor talking (who is the most level headed nurse I’ve ever met)…

When she was at another hospital on a medical floor (where most patients were quite stable) she was the primary nurse for this one older man. He wasn’t very nice, actually she used the word evil. He had pushed his wife out a 15th story window a number of years earlier. He would betrate her and everyother nurse, or anyone that walked into the room. He didn’t have a nice bone in his body. Anyway, he died a few weeks after admission, and everyone was relived that he was gone. In the week following his death, 10 patients died on the unit. Most of them were not expected to die, and many of them happened bizarrely. One man dropped while on the phone mid-sentence , another in the shower. I guess it stopped evenutally, but it creeped her out.

The next story was from when she was on the same unit. She had had a patient die in this one room. The next admission to the room, didn’t seem to sleep. He tossed and turned all night, was never rested the next day. She finally asked him “What’s going on? You don’t seem to sleeping at night, what’s wrong?” He said that everytime he closed his eyes he saw a man in the corner of the room at ceiling level, and it was creeping him out. So she asked him what did he look like. Well, the guy described the patient that had died to a tee, right down to the scar on his face.

– Posted by MacNurse; Allnurses


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