Come Back Tomorrow

May 13, 2011

While I was in nursing school, I worked in the ICU as a tech. Another tech and I were bathing a pt one evening who had been unresponsive for several days and was expected to pass away “anytime”. We turned her slightly to wash her back and she opened her eyes, looked THROUGH the other tech and said, “No Jesus, not tonite. Come back tomorrow.” Closed her eyes again and returned to her previous state of conciousness. We reported this to the RN who was charged with the pt, and she smiled politely at the simple little techs who must have imagined a dying pt talking :stone
The next day we came in and almost exactly 24 hours from when we had experienced the situation, the RN was in the room with the pt and the pt once again opened her eyes, looked through the RN, and said, “Yes Jesus, I will go with you.” Closed her eyes and died.

It was very peaceful and very creepy.

– Posted by nursestacy73; Allnurses


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