May 13, 2011
Not a scary story but more of a “ghost” story. When I was 19 my grandmother was dying from cancer. My father was staying at my grandmother’s home caring for her and I told him that when she died to please call me right away be it day or night.

One night I woke up abruptly out of a deep sleep and I heard my grandmothers voice. She was telling me she loved me, that she would miss me but she was finally at peace. I laid there for about 40 minutes just weirded out by the whole thing.

As I was finally able to shake the whole thing off and try to go back to sleep my phone rang. It was my dad, grandma had died. When I asked him when it happened he said “about 40 – 45 minutes ago. I would have called sooner but we had to call the coroner and the funeral home first”.

Just recalling that night I get a bit of the chills and that same weirded out feeling. Not that the incident scares me at all; I kind of like to think grandma did want to say goodbye to me before she left this earth.

– Posted by ZuZu; Fark

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