Then he slowly looked up and then looked back at the floor.

May 12, 2011

I used to manage a movie theatre that at one point only had a baby monitor and lobby amera for security. Yes, that’s sadness parts 1 and 2… Anyways, I upstairs one night counting the money and such whenever I realized that no ne had counted the stock in the concession stands. I looked at the camera feed and saw someone standing at register #1. I thought, “Hey it’s Travis (my projectionist) I’ll have him to count it. I got on the air phone and asked him to count the cnady. He kind of stood there slumped over like he was looking at the floor and didn’t move. I asked him again..but he didn’t move. Finally I was getting a bit miffed so I said, “Travis umm..hello??” Then he slowly looked up and then looked back at the floor.
Given that it was 3am I didn’t want to wait any longer to count the stock. So I bolted down there to count the stock.
Funny enough Travis wasn’t there. I counted the stock and closed house. As I started to cut the power off I heard Travis kinda of yelling from the projection booth. His slack arse had fallen asleep beside the projector.

Ok…so who was in the concession stand? To this day I don’t know. It definately wasn’t a customer. The last movie had let out hours ago. The only clue that I have to whom it was is that the land that the cinemas and the mall are located on used to be an old Southern plantation. To this day there are 15-16 tombstones kept neatly in front of the new food court.

– Posted by Marlas_Cancer; Fark


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