Pet Cemetery

May 12, 2011

ok, ill just do a short little blurb of my experience.

i used to live in danville, kentucky..it was right near perryville, ky where there was a huge civil war battle. all the soldiers were shipped on over to danville – where our entire block of houses were once hospitals…all the houses were up to 200 years old.

we moved in..noticed things happening here and there. muffled running in the attic, cold spots, stuff falling, weird spots in photos – all that typical crap.

my sister, who was then in college, had a room that was on the left spire of the house. she’d stay there whenever she came back from college, and me being the annoying little sister that i was..i would camp out in a sleeping bag next to her bed because she was some supercool amazing sister. i just remember one night when i went in there and she was shivering in bed, reading a book, with 3 pairs of sweatpants, a couple sweatshirts, 2 or so pairs of socks, and some mittens..it was just freakishly cold in there and we never figured out why.

she didnt want to sleep in there anymore because she always got these odd dreams about these silhouettes of people above her bed….6+ men just standing and looking down on here…so she slept in the living room that was in the new part of the house.
my bro then took over the room – all the same stuff happened to him, so he moved out.

i wanted that room so damn bad, so i started moving stuff in. mom wanted to replace the carpet and repaint it, since it was semi-crappy, so she started redecorating. we found bullet holes all over the walls (later, around the house) and a huge blood stain that was right in front of the bay windows – where the bed was. that was where they performed amputations – and then thew the body parts out the window into a pile.. – we found arm bones and leg bones under a tree we were cutting down, which was right outside that window.

in the back yard we found the remains of an old stable, and a makeshift cemetary. dead animal bones were always found in the dirt basement, and later we noticed that all the floors were tilted in different ways..we found this out when i was playing with our cats one day. the cats toys kept rolling in different ways.

it was an odd place..i loved it though.

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