Hammond’s Rock

May 12, 2011

once 2 friends and i were going to drink some beer at this place called hammonds rock. it is a rock formation at the top of this mountain that is creepy in itself. well about a half mile from the top we found a clearing that we figured would suit us just fine, overlooking the fine town of mount holly springs, pa. as soon as we stepped out of the car we heard a loud rustling noise in the woods. in unison we all turned to see this “thing” just hauling ass through the woods. i dont know if it was a ghost or what but it was pitch black around us and this thing was like flourescent white and seemed to be running from something. we all had a clear look at this thing from about 20 yards. all 3 of us jumped back in the car and we took off back down the mountain. after about 3 minutes of stunned silence i asked “what the hell was that?” as to which noone had an answer but we all described the same thing.

now about a year or so later i was telling my best friends brother this story, toward the end he got this funny look on his face and practically finished the story for me. apparently one of his teachers in high school had told him of the same thing happening to him in about the same spot. according to the teacher some guy had run from the cops up there and killed himself like back in the 30’s. i dont know it thats what i saw or do i know at all what it was i saw but i know for sure all 3 of us saw it and a ghost is the best explanation i can come up with.

– Posted by hurstwb3; Fark


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