Great San Francisco Earthquake

May 12, 2011
One more spooky story in response to the past-life question. My dad’s youngest brother had some creepy experiences that my grandma told me about. When my uncle was a kid, I guess he had some “friends” that would visit him in his sleep. He told my grandma that when he’d lay down to go to sleep, he could climb out of his body, and there’d be all these kids in his room, and they’d play with their toys and stuff. Of course my grandma assumed it was a wild imagination. She entertained his little fantasy one time and asked him what his friends’ names were, and he told her all their names, and even described the clothes they wore and stuff. She had always been a bit of a history buff, so for fun she tried looking up some of the names in history books and what not. I guess after my uncle had grown up, and stopped playing with his “friends, she happened to be reading something about that Great San Francisco earthquake in the 1900s, and I think she recognized one of the names of my uncle’s little friends among the names of children who had died in the quake. Then she realized my uncle was born on the anniversary of the San Fran quake. She said it creeped her out a little, like maybe he was one of those kids in a past life, just playing with his old friends.
– Posted by DoorsFanRob; Fark

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