May 12, 2011

I don’t really have any scary stories that have happened to me. However, there are some creepy things that my family as a hole…atleast my mom’s side.

My Nan’s brother, my great-uncle Ed, died several years ago. He was really into Native American culture and mythology. He said that if he would ever come back to Earth as another animal, it would be a bat. Well, either the night of his funeral or the night he died (I can’t remember which) Nan woke up and there was a bat in her room. It freaked out her sisters that were staying with her at the time.

Of Cats and Ghosts
My Nan and Pap used to live in this old yellow house. The people that had lived there before them told them about seeing the ghost of a woman in a white nightgown or dress. I never saw anything there, but my Aunt Myra had an experience there. As did Nan (maybe it was Myra again though). Anyway, Aunt Myra was staying with them while she moved back into town and looked for a new job. While she was staying there, she slept in this little room with a daybed in it. One night she was trying to sleep and felt something “pawing” at the bed beside her. Thinking it was Nan and Pap’s cat, Mei Ling, she said, “Mei Ling, get down.” It started a few minutes later and again she yelled at the cat. The third time it started yelled at the cat to stop and opened her eyes. The cat was sitting on the floor beside the bed while the pawing was still going on. The other incident involved the cat again. I forget who it was, but someone saw the cat doing the “weaving” thing cats do between people’s legs. The only thing was that there was nobody standing there, but the cat kept rubbing against the air like someone was standing there.

Another incident involves my Nan again (see a pattern forming). She used to watch TV and see reports about missing people. Then, she’d have dreams about where the body could be found or where the person was being held. She was right just about every time.

From the Mouths of Babes
My cousin Emily has had a few experiences too. She just turned 5 and eventhough she has quite the imagination, these two things are beyond something she could make up…especially since one happened a year ago and the other two years ago. In January of 2002, my family’s dog Lady died. One day in the summer of 2002, my Aunt Myra was changing Emily’s diaper in my parents bed room. Emily (age 3) looked at her mom and said, “There’s a doggie on the ceiling.” When Aunt Myra told me about it, it sent chills down my spine. The other was just over a year and a half ago. Nan had died in January of 2003. Surprisingly, Emily was taking the death better than anyone else in the family. She had this tendency to remind us that “Nanny’s in heavn now.” Anyway, one day she and her mom (Myra) were at Pap’s house. When they got home that night, Emily told Aunt Myra that she saw Nan sitting at the kitchen table smoking a cigarette and that she looked at her (Emily) and said, “Shhh, don’t tell anyone…I’m not supposed to be smoking.” That creeped out a good portion of the family.

Family Hauntings
Now, the only thing that directly involves me is only creepy when you think about it a bit. The house my family lives in is practically on the plot of land that used to have Nan’s house on it when she was a little girl. Before she died, she would say to us that we are living in her old backyard. Anyway, her dad “committed suicide” when she was little. I say that with quotes because he was into some fairly shady stuff and many people in the family believe that some of the crooked cops in this town killed him (this wouldn’t be surprising if you knew the cops in my town). Anyway, for a long time I’ve felt fairly creeped out living here…even before I found out he died in what is pretty much our backyard. My bedroom is in the basement (yes, I am the quintessential stereotype of a geek living in his parents’ basement), and I get the feeling someone is watching me at times. The scary thing is that my mom says the same thing…especially about the room my bedroom is in. My girlfriend has also said that she feels like someone is watching her when she’s asleep in bed at night (my parents have got to be the coolest since they’re letting my girlfriend live with me). I keep telling myself that it is Grandpa Holsberry and Nan watching over me though.

About Me…
I’ve had hundreds of dreams about ghosts being in my house and about talking to Nan since she had died. The morning that Nan died, I had a bone chilling feeling that something was wrong with her when I heared the phone ring…I was right. Also, before my dad’s grandmother died (Grandma Estep), I had a dream a few nights before that she died (not to mention a dream about me dying at a school dance which has kept me out of them to this very day).

Just a quick little family tree to tie together that creepy family thing I mentioned earlier (only mentioning the people mentioned here to save space):

Grandma and Grandpa Holsberry
–Nan, Uncle Ed
—-Aunt Myra
Basically all the weird stuff involves my Nan’s side of the family down to, and including Emily and I.

– Posted by Grestep; Fark


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