We Are NOT Getting Pregnant

May 11, 2011
In 1995, my mom died from cancer. I was there at the moment she died, and so was the man I was engaged to at the time. She had been in a coma for 3 days. Right before she died, the room got brighter. I could see something made of light come into the room from the corner of the ceiling, and it went into her body. I jumped up from the chair I was in, and I turned to my fiance. He had jumped up too, and he grabbed me and said “Do you see that! The room is brighter!” I said yes, and we both looked at my mom. She opened her eyes, looked at us perfectly clearly and pushed herself into a sitting position. She shouldn’t have been able to do any of that. Her right shoulder was completely dislocated. Her left eye had rolled up into her head and wasn’t focusing before the coma. She had wasted down to 65 pounds. But there she was, completely awake and coherent. She looked at both of us, and was trying to say something, but obviously couldn’t find the words. I reached down and touched her leg, and told her it was okay to go, and that I loved her. She smiled, and gently laid back on the bed. We saw the light leave her body, followed by another light, which I think was her. The night nurse at the hospice saw it too, and was excited that my mom had an ‘angel’ escort her to the other side.

Three days after my mom died, I was sound asleep, dreaming. I don’t remember what I was dreaming about, but I remember that all of a sudden, I was yanked from the dream, and was standing in front of my mom. She looked like a human-shaped light figure, no facial features or anything, but I knew it was her somehow. She asked me to get pregnant, because she wanted to come back, and hated being without a body. I started trying to convince her to stay where she was for awhile, so she could review her life, and decide what to do next without making any rash decisions. We discussed it back and forth, and finally made an agreement that she would stay where she was for a year, and if she wanted to come back after that, I would consider getting pregnant. We hugged, and she walked away. I snapped back into consciousness. I was lying on my back in bed, looking straight up at the ceiling. I remember thinking that it was very weird that this encounter just happened. I turned my head to the left in the dark, to see if my fiance was asleep. He was laying on his side staring at me with huge eyes. Before I could ask him why he was awake, he said “We are NOT getting pregnant!” It turns out he saw my mom come into the room, put her hand into my body, and saw me ‘pop’ out of my body. He heard the whole conversation, even though no actual words were being spoken. He quoted the entire conversation, both sides, word for word. He was raised Catholic, and didn’t believe in ghosts or anything, and was very scared by what he saw. He also said he was happy about it, because to him this proved there is life after death.

My mom continued to visit off and on for several years, often in front of various people. The latest was a few months ago, when she came in front of my current fiance, right after I said I wished he could meet her. She freaked him out too. But he said he thought it was cool that she showed up to meet him. She hasn’t been back since then.

– Posted by TheFarkinEmpress; Fark

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