Three Loud Claps

May 11, 2011

I grew up in rural NB in a house that was built three years after I was born, so none of mine have the old victorian house factor. I lived in the first town established in new brunswick, but I don’t know if that has any signifcance.

I had a (moderately) new stereo that, after I had finished telling my friend that I believed my house was haunted somehow, turn itself all the way down, slowly, and then click off – it had never done that before, and has never done it since.

I was playing the piano in the living room and stopped for a moment to turn a page or look for a new book and heard three loud claps from the hallway. Nobody else was in the house, and I called my friends to ask if they were playing a trick on me and had come in while I was playing and didn’t hear them – they arrive 15 minutes after I had called. And it was not a clicking sound, it was definitely the sound of two hands clapping together.

We lived on a dead end street with another house across the street from us, and our picture windows faced each other. My neighbors called my mother one day and told her, matter of factly, that they had seen my deceased aunt (we were very close neighbors – it was a small town)standing in our picture window the previous evening.

One of my friends told me she heard me get out of the shower and walk upstairs to my bedroom while she was in the living room (we were the only two in the house) and when she got up to my room to see if I was there, I was not there. She came back downstairs and called my name. I was still in the bathroom and had not left it.

There are more instances, and I’m sure they can be explained somehow, but I have become less of a skeptic because of them.

– Posted by syncope; Fark


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