Suddenly Everything Around Me Changed

May 11, 2011

Tolstoy ahoy. My mother and I have had various independent experiences in our house, and my ex-boyfriend once heard the famous hallway footsteps from the basement.

One thing from when I was about two years old I remember very distinctly. I was sitting on the living room floor, playing with my toys, when suddenly everything around me changed–the furniture, the people, etc. Being around two years old, I thought nothing of it and continued playing, but soon a man on the couch fell forward, clutching his chest, and the others rushed to help him. After that, the room swirled back into normality.

A few years later, I remembered what had happened, and I asked my mom whether anyone had died in our house. She said no, so the memory went away for a while. A few years later, I asked whether anyone had ever had a heart attack in the house, and she said yes, that before we’d moved in, a man had had a heart attack there. (We were close friends with our neighbors, with the man in each house being brothers).

I can still see that vision clear as day–whether it was a dream which just happened to line up with reality or whatever, I couldn’t say. This is in the same area, however, where every so often, if you’re in the basement in the middle of the night, you can hear about five footsteps going down one particular segment of the hallway where the floor is especially squeaky above you, then just stop, with no one being there when you go to investigate. The basement also tends to get really creepy vibes at seemingly random times, but I’ve found some pretty high EMF readings from the water pump in the laundry room, so I can’t chalk that particular experience up to being unquestionably supernatural.

Once, I was standing in the hallway of what was one of the original 100-year-old university buildings on campus, and heard loud footsteps going down the hall behind me. I turned around immediately after they passed behind me, but no one was there, and there was nowhere they could have gone. That was pretty cool, but it hasn’t happened again since.

There was a dorm room I lived in about four years ago in which odd things would happen, such as the door being knocked on at random times with no one being out there when we answered, even if we were right there when it happened and opened the door immediately. It got to the point where we just stopped answering the door when we heard that particular style of knocking. When I was alone in the room and packing up to move out at the end of the year, a tin of Altoids, which were sitting perfectly flat in the middle of my desk, flew off the surface with a loud scraping and landed face-down in the middle of the floor, which would have required a good deal of force. I can only assume it was our ghost saying good-bye to me.

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