May 11, 2011

This isn’t a ghost story but it’s spooky nonetheless. Back at the University of Pittsburgh I used to love to do acid and other mild hallucinogens (no PCP or shiat like that, just the classics). Yeah, I know, some of you will stop reading right here but hear me out. Sometimes I would get really lucid dreams on nights around when I would trip. I’m gay and had a really hot French Canadian lover named Jarret at the time. One night me and Jarret were lying in bed and he was sound asleep and I was stroking his wavy chestnut hair deeply in love and suddenly I had this lucid dream: I was a giant prehistoric lizard clinging to the ceiling above the bed (90s style loft apt. with exposed ductwork) I was actually the female and Jarret was a male on the bed below me. Although we were generally olivish brown color, I was changing the colors on my neck to deep reds and oranges hoping they would attract him. I thought nothing of it in the morning, except that it just meant I was in love.

That was about 2004ish, Jarret and I have since broken up and moved our separate ways and I now live in DC, where I’m a law student and have quit drugs; he’s in France working for a vineyard. About a year ago there was this BBC documentary that played on the Discovery channel late at night or something in which they described the mating habits of lizards and how, indeed, the female would pump blood into special organs on it’s neck to change them red and orange to attract a mate. Before that night in Pittsburgh I had no knowledge or interest in lizards, and had no idea of their mating rituals. Some people think LSD allows you to tap into alternate universes or even parts of the subconscious you would not otherwise see. I don’t know about that, but they call the stems of our brains “reptilian” because of their similarities to the beasts that mammals and mankind evolved out of. I’m not freaked out by the things I saw on acid but revel in them. There’s so much of the universe we don’t know anything about and it’s these mysteries that make life interesting.

– Posted by Kalyco Jack; Fark


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