I stopped and called her name and got silence.

May 11, 2011

I work at a Tribal preschool housed in a building built for Korean war vets, if that gives you an idea of its age. It has been used as a school since 1965. Long story short, many people have passed through the doors over the years.

My classroom is on the main floor with a daylight basement below. My room has 20′ ceilings and one wall of windows. 2 Fridays ago I was in my classroom getting ready for the day at about 8:15 am. We have no students on Friday, so I was killing time before our 9 am staff meeting. I had all the fluorescent lights on and was knelt down on the side of the room trying to tune in a radio station. While I was messing with the dial I saw my TA walk through the middle of the room and into my office. I gave up trying to tune in a station and decided to follow her into my office to talk to her. About 10 seconds had passed between her walking by and me walking into my office (about 10’away).

I was talking to her as I rounded the corner into my (fully lit) office and realized she was not in there. I stopped and called her name and got silence. My office is at the back of the building and has no other door, no way to get out except past me. I called again and go no response, so I walked to the 2 adjoining classrooms and realized that they were closed and locked still. I was the only one upstairs. There is no way anyone walked back past me.

I heard voices downstairs and went down to ask if anyone had been in my room or office. I found 2 coworkers who had just come in through another entrance, and the cook. The cook has worked there for 15 years and when she saw how confused I was said, “you just saw the ghost didn’t you.”

Whatever I saw walked right past me, it was wearing a light blue shirt with the sleeve rolled up at the wrist. I only saw from the shoulder to the knee as it walked by, but it was plain as day, with 9 fluorescent lights shining above. 20 min. later we had an all-staff meeting, and not one person was wearing a shirt like I saw. My TA was rearing dark green with a gray vest. After I told people what I saw I was flooded with staff stories about the building. There are supposedly 3 ghosts there, one little boy and 2 men. Funny thing is I am usually the first one there in the morning and I don’t feel creeped out at all. I did have the maintenance/medicine man burn some sage in my room though. I also say “Good Morning” when I open the door to my office.

So that’s my story.

– Posted by Leashlaw; Fark


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