I had no idea Oregon was sparse with people but crammed with ghosts.

May 11, 2011

A girl friend some years back, who later became Mrs. Delay, told me a spooky story. Let me post a brief version.

I grew up in SoCal where there are no ghosts. Were a ghost to show up SoCal it would be treated like the old Bill Cosby comedy routine: Ghosts? I pay for this house! There are no ghosts allowed.

Given that background, when I moved to Oregon because the rents are cheaper than California, I had no idea that ghosts thrive there. How did I learn that ghosts thrive in Oregon? My new Oregon girl friend lived with ghosts. Pioneer cemetary ghosts, open field ghosts, empty building ghosts. I had no idea Oregon was sparse with people but crammed with ghosts.

GF and I became more attached and started sleeping in the same bed. Every night she would approach the bed and from about two feet away she would jump in. It became too strange a habit. I asked her why. She said that since a child she had seen the green hand underneath every bed she slept in that would quickly reach and attempt to grab her. She did not want to be grabbed by the green hand. So she jumped. Made sense to me.

Actually no. It seemed batshiat crazy to me but, she was very cute. Anyway, about two nights later I had to go to the bathroom and when I came back I saw in the dark what I thought was a green sock next to the bed and stomped it out of the way.

Girl friend stopped jumping into the bed. She even brought it up. She said she did not feel like she needed to jump into the bed anymore. I asked why. She said, there is no green hand anymore.

– Posted by Delay; Fark


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