May 11, 2011
my .02, late to the party, as usual.

i suffer from sleep paralysis. It started when i moved away from home and into a dorm room during my first year of university in 2001. The first time it happened, i ‘woke up’ knowing i was dead, in my casket. I could hear my mom crying and my dad telling her that “it will be okay, she didn’t suffer”. Strangely enough, i could hear the sound of a dog’s toenails clacking on the floor — my dog Gunner was walking around the floor underneath my casket, and i could hear him sniffing and whining. I knew that the dog knew i was “alive” and if i could wiggle a finger, my parents would, too, and they would save me from being buried alive. scary stuff.

sleep paralysis was horrifying and inexplicable, until my aunt described similar things happening to her. In my neck of the woods, people call them “hags” and once i got used to them and understood what they are and what causes them, i became less and less terrified of them.

sidenote– the floor that i lived on in my first year was the site of a suicide ten years or so before i got there. Strange things would always happen in my room, which shared a wall with the suicide room, now converted into an office and a supply closet. I would wake up to th sound of my stereo blasting music at 3AM, or i’d go to sleep with the curtains closed, only to find them open in the morning. I would hear strange sounds at night, and, jokingly would tell the poltergeist (who i named “charlie”) to go to sleep. A few years after i graduated, i came back to the campus bar with some friends. We got to talking with some freshmen who lived on our old floor. One girl said that her room was haunted. I asked her which one, and she replied “131B” — my old room. Not knowing that i had lived there, she jokingly said “It’s okay, though, Charlie would never hurt anyone, he just likes to cause trouble”.

I had never told anyone that that was what i had named my “ghost”

anywhoo, one more creepy thing and i’m done for another year.

when sleep paralysis sets in nowdays, i try hard at the first sign to “break” the paralysis by wiggling my toes, fingers, or turning over in bed. Sometimes, when that doesn’t work, i just go with the flow, go deeper under, and try to go back to sleep.

I have a dog named Lua. We have had her since she was a puppy, and the ONLY times in the three years that we have had her that we have heard her barking was when there was another dog outside. She goes insane, howling and snorting. Only for dogs. A cat or a mosse (i’m canadian) can walk right on my the window, and she pays it no heed, she doesn’t make a sound.

One day, i was napping on the couch downstairs with Lua, who was asleep in the crook of my arm, with her nose under my chin. I felt the hag coming on, and tried to “break” it, but couldn’t. so i let it go. The room got cold. Then i heard something that scared the bejeesus out of me.

I couldn’t see it, but i could hear something very large and very big at the top of the stairs. I could hear the sound of dog’s toenails clacking on the wooden stairs, slowly coming towards me. I couldn’t move.

I knew two things for certain: Something very big was coming to hurt me, and i could not move.

I heard it descend the stairs and frantically tried to wake my body up. I could feel the back of the couch press in where its body pressed against it. It was snuffling and snorting and it began to growl — a low, soft belly growl. I opened my eyes, not wanting to go out like a coward, wanting to see whatever it was (my brain told me “GIANT WOLF”). I Could see a dark shadow slowly coming around the side of the couch, toward me. I could smell reeking dogstench when

Lua started to howl deeply, and bark and twitch and snort and shake in her sleep. Her body was shivering, her lips were drawn away, and i could see her teeth. The hair was up on her hackles, and her eyes were completely shut.

her barking was stimulation enough to bring me completely out of my sleep, where i was alone — save for Lua — in my basement. she growled and snorted once or twice more before going completely back to sleep.

coincidence, i guess. but it completely freaked me out. Haven’t had a hag since.

tl;dr: i named a ghost something and someone gave it the same name, i have sleep paralysis, my dog saved me from a giant demon dream dog.

– Posted by xpennyroyaltyx; Fark

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