chaotic scene when someone realized there was a women on top of one of the high rises.

May 11, 2011

As a child I was doing my homework in the living. I, for some reason, was alone. The largest TV in the home has always been in the living room. Comfortable and mostly content I suddenly get the urge to look up. There reflected in the TV screen is what looks like a personification of Death, black robes, tall eerie looking figure. I whip my head around so fast I’m surprised I didn’t get whiplash. There was nothing. Naturally freaked I scurry to my room and lock the door.

Now the older I get the more frightened I am of seeing someone in a reflection because I’m much more a sceptic and expect a reflection to either rape me and/or horribly murder me.

When I told my parents this my mother wasn’t at all concerned. My family is not religious, my mother is the closest one to having a formal belief system, she believes in the Saint of Death and only it. For protection and such, I don’t know anything about it really as I wasn’t brought up with it so I couldn’t elaborate. My mother thought it was Death looking out for me. If that is true (I mean existentially speaking) I would certainly hope so! How horrible it would be to see Death then get murdered so young.

I don’t have a cluster of scary stories, my family experiences them more than I do. My maternal family home is suppose to be haunted yet I’ve never seen at thing. I’ll say a few of them though in brief.

A lot of people have seen the ghost of a small boy. He plays with my cousins’ litany of toys apparently. The building constructed behind the house is an apartment complex. When speaking to a resident who lives near the home she says she also has the same child playing with their toys. My family believes the child was most likely raped and murdered when the building was constructed with his remains hidden somewhere in the foundation.

There appears to be a gateway to either hell or lets ghosts in the home. A camera has went to static on only one section of one of the rooms. In the same room one of my uncles placed a recording device as there was always thumping, scaring occurring there. He refuses to let anyone listen to the tape. Apparently it freak him (and his wife) out because they heard screams of pain, chains, etc, the usually you’d expect to hear from hell.

During a holiday block party there was a huge chaotic scene when someone realized there was a women on top of one of the high rises. They looked on in horror in shock as she jumped and promptly vanished several stories up in the air.

– Posted by Maggie_Luna; Fark

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