Asked Satan To Prove His Existence

May 11, 2011

Heh, well, I’m pretty weirded out now, what with your ouiji board story, and how it mirrors his, only I have a few more details, since he WAS there. It’s copied from the last post it was on, mainly so I don’t mess up the story or leave something out.

‘He was in high school, had a group of four buddies. They decided to play with an ouiji board one night at someone’s apartment. One of the boys got either really cocky or really stupid and asked Satan to prove his existence. The board told them to look out the window. The other four got to the window, made all kinds of exclamations about some sort of… creature in the tree, my boyfriend got there too late to see anything. All the guys decided they were done, so him and one of the other boys went home, with promises to meet the next day sometime in the morning.

He got up the next morning, went to meet his friends. Their common meeting place was this abandoned warehouse outside of Detroit. When he got there, he found the three buddies who he’d left behind the night before when going home were already there and, well. They were dead, presumably from suicide. The fourth ended up in an institution for a time, and my boyfriend… well, he got stuck in the institution since they didn’t know how he’d react to all this, and then got dragged out for the court hearings. ‘

That, combined with yours, makes me even less willing to touch them. I’ve been so curious but. Yeah. Much less so now.

– Posted by aine_silveria; ONTDCreepy


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