A Candle’s Shadow

May 11, 2011

I have had only one weird experience in my life. While I dismiss ghosts as imagination gone wild, I’ve never been able to completely explain a candle’s shadow moving on command like I saw in high school.

We were gathered for a friend’s birthday and an older member of the group (I’ll call her Trudy) produced a ring inscribed with Egyptian heiroglyphs. She said that the ring allowed her to summon spirits and suggested that we do a seance.

So Trudy had us sit in a circle and a candle was grabbed from a nearby shelf. The candle sat in a shallow, star-shaped glass holder. The star-shaped shadow fell on my side of the candle and was fairly stationary. Trudy began the summoning (or whatever she would have called it).

I don’t remember what she said exactly, but it didn’t take long until she claimed a spirit was among us. She then had it do two things to prove that it was there.

First, she asked it to move the shadow of the candle back and forth. Right after she finished her sentence, the shadow danced back and forth moving a couple of inches to the side, back and forth in a very rhythmic, determined manner. The shadow then went back to its original position and stopped.

Shocked, I passed it off as someone blowing on the candle and my imagination making the movement seem more deliberate than it really was. With no proof to the contrary, I still maintain that it was more my head than anything else.

Then Trudy asked the spirit to move the shadow again, asking it to center the shadow on the candle. Remember that the shadow’s normal position was for it to lie on my side of the candle holder. As soon as she stopped speaking the shadow snapped directly underneath the candle holder, holding that position for at least ten seconds (until she said for it to stop). I didn’t have the presence of mind to look at the flame’s behavior during all of this, unfortunately, but the shadow moving to center itself on the candle holder was beyond any explanation I could come up with.

At that point I started to ask (in my head) that everyone be protected from whatever it was. I was still somewhat religious then so I supposed I was praying. A few seconds later, Trudy said that she wouldn’t be able to continue because the spirit had left (or something like that). She asked someone across the table whether they had done or thought something to make it leave. They said no; she never asked me anything.

And that was the end of it. If anyone knows of a common magic trick or trick candles that could produce those effects, I’d love to hear about them. Or if anyone knows of any significance of the heiroglyph-covered ring (beyond the Book of Death and whatnot), I’d be interested in hearing something.

– Posted by saultydog; Fark

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