Ringing Phone

May 10, 2011

I was rotating nights on a med-surg floor, the furthest room from the nursing station just happened to be the only empty room on the floor. About 11PM the phone in the room started ringing but by the time I got in the room it had stopped. Not familiar with the floor much at night I finished my rounds and went to chart just as the other nurse also was charting and mentioned the phone. She looked at me a little strange telling me the phone couldn’t have rung, ALL phones in patients rooms were cut off at 10P! Now I had a mystery. A couple more weeks I again rotated nights, again the phone rang but the regular night nurse was there at the time. The story on this room was so far, every patient for the past month in that room had died, the phone started ringing every night the same time the last patient died exactly 11P one month ago, if answered there was no one on the line! *gasps*

– Posted by Straydandelion; Allnurses


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