Older African American Woman Standing At The Foot Of The Patient’s Bed

May 10, 2011

As an undergrad I worked as a CNA on nights.

One night I was floated to the trauma/surgical unit and assigned to be a “sitter” for a patient experiencing alcohol withdrawal after an MVA.

At one point I nodded off, and when I opened my eyes I very briefly glimpsed an older African-American woman standing at the foot of the patient’s bed. She looked so real I can still remember exactly what she was wearing (dark maroon skirt, navy sweater, white patterned button-up blouse).

I turned to the patient and saw that his eyes were open. I asked: “When did your mother pass?” He said it had been several years. Then I said: “She was just here and she was watching over you. She wants you to stop doing what you’re doing and take care of yourself.” I could not believe what had just come out of my mouth!!! Before and since I have never had conversation like that with anyone.

After I said my bit about his mother, the patient nodded, relaxed, and laid his head down to sleep.
I have no idea how he did after that night, he may have told the next shift about the crazy aide in his room… But that night made a big impression on me about the possibility of someone “watching over” each of us.

– Posted by May_baby; Allnurses


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