My Pumpkin

May 10, 2011

I have a few stories about them, actually.

1: My grandpa died from cancer when my mom was 9 years old. The year after he died, she went over to her friends house who had never met her dad and they were playing the Ouija. My mom sat down next to them and within 5 minutes, it spelled out ‘my pumpkin’, which was what my grandpa called my mom and no one else knew that. It scared my mom really bad, she ran out of the house crying.

2: My siblings were playing with one at my Grandma’s house with a few of my cousins. They were taunting and being really disrespectful with whatever they were doing and suddenly the window flew open and the curtains started blowing really hard. My grandma came in there with holy water and started saying prayers and the wind stopped. She never let them play with it again.

3: My older brother got one as a gift when he was in middle school, him and a few of my cousins used to play with it all the time. Something about it scared him so he threw it away outside, in the rain. The next day, that damn board was back in his room, I don’t know if someone was playing with him but it was back. He then threw it onto the roof a church that was next door and again, it was back. Finally, he cut it up and burned it and it didn’t come back that time, but jesus fuck, it scared all of us forever.

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