Man In Black Is Here

May 10, 2011

Bit of history first, I worked in ICU and we had a long term patient (a kiddy who had a RTC and needed home ventilation so she was with us for almost 6 months) she used to wake up in the middle of the night panicking and she always told us that the man in black was there and usually the nights she had a nightmare a patient on the unit died. I had never nursed her but we had all heard the stories from the older nurses on the unit, it had become a bit of a folktale and noone really believed it.

Anyway, I was in ICU looking after a pateint who had been extubated that day and was off his trolley (very very confused and mostly incoherent)

I had to go and take some blood from his A line and while I am stood by his arm he looks at me directly in the eyes, then over my left shoulder and says hello nurse, the man in black is here, just by the side of you but I don’t think he’s come for me yet so I’m not too worried.

Cold shiver and asked him to repeat what he had said to which I got incoherrent ramblings. I am sure the temperature dropped but then again it could have been my imagination, we didn’t have a death that night but there was one on the early shift. Probably unrelated.

– Posted by XB9S; Allnurses


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