could clearly hear the woman talking to the child

May 10, 2011

Ok, it’s my turn. I’ve been reading this thread for several days now and am finally to the (current) end. I am a home nurse. Most of my clients are ventilator patients. I have been warned by one family that the house was haunted but nothing ever happened while I was there. The only nursing related ghostly experience I can relay actually happened nearly 17 years ago and I was not the nurse. I’m not even sure she was a nurse, she may have been an aide. So if when you read this story, you recognize it as yours, please let me know. It happened in a hospital in northern Kentucky in April of 1989. Here is the short version:
Postpartum – the room of a young mother and her newborn son – late afternoon. The nurse knocked and opened the door. She could not see the bassinet from the entryway, but could clearly hear the woman talking to the child so she walked into the room. As she got to the corner of the entry, the young mother popped her head out of the bathroom and just about startled the nurse into a heart attack. The nurse appologised and explained that she heard her talking to her child and didn’t realize she was in the shower. The mother went on to explain that she was not the one talking to the baby, she thought it was the nurse and was just stepping out of the shower to see who was there. They talked about it for a minute or two and verified that neither one had said a single word until they were face to face and it was definitely another woman who’s voice they both heard talking to the baby, who was asleep in the bassinet. The two agreed that the little one had just had a ghostly visitor. :angel2:
That is all I know of that nurse’s experience on the event, so if that was you, let me know.
The rest of the story is just this:
That exact incident was actually the THIRD time I had heard the voice while I was in the shower, but every time I shut off the water and went into the room the voice stopped. So on the third time, I thought I would leave the water running and surprise whomever was talking to my kid. That poor nurse! She jumped about a foot when I darted around that corner. Well, all of the commotion must have scared the visitor off because after the nurse left I was able to finish my shower and nothing else happened in the hospital.
THEN: The second day we were home from the hospital, I was in the kitchen doing some dishes while the baby slept in his bassinet in the living room. We were alone in the house, and after a while I realized I could hear someone talking to him again, just like in the hospital. So I turned the water off and went into the room only to find my little angel still sleeping, and no voices. Well, on the third time I decided that I needed to leave the water running in order to approach without interrupting. I stood just shy of the doorway and listened to her talking to my son. It was really strange. I could hear her very clearly but couldn’t understand anything she was saying (like listening to a grown-up talking in a Peanuts cartoon). I had already decided that it was probably my husband’s mother, who died when he was only 10, as all of my relatives were still alive. So after a minute or so I called out her name to get her attention. It worked! SHE ANSWERED ME! She said “What?”.
But that was all. And I never heard her again.

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