Ben Lomond Hotel

May 10, 2011

I’ve used a ouija with friends a few times, but have never had any bad experiences myself. We went to the Ben Lomond Hotel (a known haunted hotel here in Utah) and snuck down into the basement (we were brave fuckers) and pulled it out and it was telling us all sorts of stuff that had gone on there, that we’d never heard in any of the stories, nor when we were on an impromptu tour/investigation led by one of the security guys (who was a creeply little fuck all on his own, lol). We went back a few days later and talked to the security guy and asked if he’d ever heard about anything that we’d been told about and he was like, wtf, how did you guys find that out? He could have been going along with it to fuck with us, but who knows, it was still creepy.

And the only other time I remember anything happening was when we were in my friend’s apartment and one of the girls there would think of a word, write it on a piece of paper, and then ask what the word was and it’d spell it out, without her touching the board.

– Posted by ishottheking; ONTDCreepy


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