Y’all Folks Need Some Help?

May 9, 2011

In July my husband and went to Oklahoma to visit a sick friend in the hospital. On the way home to Dallas he said the magic words “I think if we go this way it will be faster.”
Needless to say we ended up in the middle of nowhere (which is not hard to do in Oklahoma) with nothing but fields around us. He turned down a dirt road to turn around and go back the way we came. It had been raining a lot there so when we made the u-turn and got stuck in the mud I was not really surprised. My husband played the reverse and turn game for about five minutes before he got out of the car. I could hear him cussing when he saw how deep the back tires where in the mud.
I opened my door to get out and he said “No! You get into the drivers seat and when I say give some gas.” Being eight months pregnant I was not much help.
We sat there for ten minutes or so with him pushing and me turning the wheel to the left or right trying to get out. I was getting upset thinking there was now way to get out by ourselves. I told him to stop and I leaned over to get my cell phone out of my purse to call my mother to find a tow truck company that would come out this far.
When I came back up I looked in the review mirror and there was a large black man standing behind my husband. He was very tall and wearing blue overalls. I looked around real quick to see were he had come from or where his car was, but no car was there and it was just miles of green fields. I got a little scared, where did he just come from?
In a low voice he said, “Y’all folks need some help?”
My husband was still down by one of the tires trying to put rocks and hay under it. He jumped and spun around clearly shaken by the man that was suddenly behind him.
“How bout you push from that side and I pushem’ere.”
I got back in to the driver seat to push on the gas. With two pushes on the gas we were out. Both the men were cover in mud flung up by the tires. My husband thanked him and said he would give him some money for the help. The guy just smiled and said no it twas no problem, but my husband insisted. He came over to the driver side of the car and asked me to get his wallet from the cup holder. I handed it to him and we both turned to thank the man again and he was gone. No sound no goodbye no car engine nothing but open fields all around.
I moved to my side of the car and we drove off without a word. About two miles down the road all my husband said was “Well that was freaky as hell.” We never said anything about it again.
/story telling i suck at it
//it still kinda creeps me out but it was nice for whatever that was to help

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