Waking Up To Talk At 4am

May 9, 2011

My family has always slept through the night. But not that night. I wake up on a Saturday morning to an odd sight. My father and my sister sitting at the kitchen table just talking away about nothing, this and that. My sister was about 10 or so, I was 12. It was about 7am and I ask them what they were doing.

Apparently my sister woke up, straight out of a dead sleep and decided she needed some water (never happened before) she walked past the bathroom (the usual water stop) into the kitchen. There she found my dad, also waking up just a few minutes before out of a dead sleep and decided he needed some water as well. He also passed the bathroom (the usual water stop). They just started to sit down and talk.

I asked what they talked about.

They said they talked about our last summer vacation and how it was good to see both Grandparents and spent a lot of quality time with them. Especially my father’s mother (Grandma Smith) and how they got a REALLY good picture of my Grandma Smith and my sister hugging and smiling. They said that they had just been out here shootin’ the breeze since about 4am.

So when the phone rang at 8am to tell us that Grandma Smith had unexpectedly passed away, and later the time of death on her death certificate was 4am…

So when people ask why I believe? That is one of the reasons.

/Something in my eye… why did they turn the A/C down so low?

– Posted by Pump_ThePurpleWarrior; Fark


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