Until I Ended Up Spending The Night In a Haunted House

May 9, 2011

I never believed in ghosts until I ended up spending the night in a haunted house.

Two friends of mine (both female) were house and pet-sitting this old farmhouse while the couple that owned it were out of town. They called a few of us over to have a BBQ and from the second I stepped inside the house I felt strange.

I made an off-handed comment about how the place is probably haunted and the two girls who were house sitting went pale and could barely speak.

They asked me how I knew the place was haunted and then they started rambling about how all this weird stuff had been happening since they got there.

To this day, I think they “released” something into the home by what they did – Right in the entryway was this smaller door that lead to an extremely narrow staircase. I asked what it was and they told me that it lead to the “second attic” (apparently older homes had two?) and that the owners told them that no one had gone up there and no one should go up there.

So, in their infinite wisdom, they had gone up there and looked around. This attic housed old furniture that was covered by sheets. They removed the sheet from a large piece that turned out to be a mirror…and this is when all the shiat started hitting the fan.

The first thing that happened was in the master bedroom, the dresser drawer belonging to the wife kept opening. This wasn’t any drawer, it happened to be her underwear drawer. They kept closing it and kept coming back to find it open. Eventually, they closed it and came back to find the drawer under it open – the drawer contained scalpels and various other sharp objects (The home owners were both veterinarians).

I didn’t believe it, so I went upstairs, closed the drawer and went back downstairs. No sooner than I had got downstairs, we heard “footsteps” upstairs. Thinking it was one of our friends pulling a prank, we yelled her name…and she yelled back from the room next to us. She wasn’t upstairs at all.

By this point, everyone was terrified. I went upstairs, looked and sure enough the drawer was opened again. I decided it was best if we left it alone.

Next was the basement.

Being an older home, it didn’t have a concrete basement. It was one of those old basements that were dug out. To get downstairs, you had to lift a “door” that was actually on the floor and descend the staircase. This door was in the pantry area of the home.

This door refused to stay closed. It was CONSTANTLY open and in the basement, there was a single light bulb hanging there that was constantly on.

After closing the door and turning the light switch off, I returned to find the door open and the light on. I went downstairs and unscrewed the bulb enough that it went off, but didn’t come out of the socket, came back up and closed the door. Later in the evening, one of the girls went out into the pantry and found the door open and the light on. She confirmed with me that I had unscrewed the bulb. I went back downstairs (with the light on) and when I got to the light, it was still loose enough that it shouldn’t have been on. I was able to give it three turns back into the socket.

At this point, I decided to call it an evening and went outside. I got into the car and started it up, turned it around to go down the long driveway and something extremely white and extremely bright ran across the front of my car towards the house. It scared the shiat out of me, but I thought that I was hallucinating from having spent an evening with a bunch of freaked out people. I thought for sure that the light of my headlights had bounced off the propane tanks that they had on the property and caused a reflection.

I got out of the car and looked for the tanks…and found them – BEHIND the car…my headlights would never have shined on them at all.

At this point, things weren’t adding up to me, so I went back inside to talk to the girls. They were terrified. They had heard some really odd noises when I went to leave and they demanded that I stay the night with them and “No” wasn’t an option.

I decided to stay the night and the next morning, awoke to a scream. One of the girls had woken up with the cat in her bedroom…the bedroom on the second floor of the house, that had the door closed for the night…and the cat was the very cat that we had sent outside for the night, which all three of us had seen happen.

– Posted by GCD; Fark


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