The Same Little Boy Standing In My Bedroom Doorway

May 9, 2011

When I was 12, my mom let a friend of hers and her little boy (6) stay with us for a couple weeks (they had to find a new home). We didn’t have a huge house, so the little boy stayed in my room.

One night I was just lying in bed trying to fall asleep (little boy already asleep next to me), and I looked to my left and saw the same little boy standing in my bedroom doorway. I could see through him. He looked very angry, almost evil. At that point I shut my eyes tight and prayed for him to go away. Opened my eyes and he was gone.

Next morning, I tell my mom and her friend about it. The boys mom then informs me that he had a twin brother that died when they were babies.

So yes, I do believe.

– Posted by 123412341234; Reddit


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